We’re accepting submissions from writers, thinkers, makers, scholars, and readers from all over the world of online publishing and editorial work. We publish in themed issues, and are currently accepting submissions for Issues 5 and 6.

Issue 6: Trouble in the Data

Data is with us all the time: big, little, weird. It promises—we promise on its behalf—to make our work more accurate, more objective, more relevant to the people we mean to serve. We tell ourselves it will solve business problems, change minds, and encourage better public policy. But underneath it all, data is still…us. We seek articles on what’s working and especially what’s not, and for whom, and why.

Issue 7: Community & Privacy

Say “community” in a Silicon Valley VC meeting. Say it in the White House. Say it in a Terms of Service statement. Say it in a library or school or a church. Write it on a wireframe. It’s a different idea every time. From command and control to horizontal and leaderless, we’re looking at community in its many forms, and at the shifting screens of privacy meant to keep us together by giving us time apart.

Notes & requests

Contents is a digital magazine about reading and publishing on the web, in flux, and after “The Internet.” We like smart better than breezy and crunchy better than slick. If you’re selling a product or promoting a service in your piece, it’s probably not for us.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis, and generally don’t close submissions until halfway through a given issue, so there are no set closing dates. We will make an announcement here and on Twitter a week before submissions close.

We do not accept work that has been previously published or blogged. We welcome pitches, but rarely accept work before seeing a draft. Please send submissions to subs@contentsmagazine.com.